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That Yellow Car

Published February 17, 2012 by whattowritewhen

I’m parked so close to it that if I’m not careful when I back out, I’ll take out the back of her car.

And that’s the way I damn well wanna be.

She should learn how to park her car. It can go about two meters forward. Its a danger to drive past.



I feel like having a ham and cheese egg. Mmmm egg.


don’t tell me your successes

Published February 16, 2012 by whattowritewhen

i know, i know, it sounds kinda bitchy. but… just… don’t tell me your successes, don’t tell me please. it just makes me depressed. it just reminds me of how far behind you i am. and it gives me the feeling that i’ll never be able to catch up… that we’ll never be on equal footing again.

i feel like i’ve wasted my life


there’s so so much that i should have done sooner


so much stuff that i should have done better

so much stuff that i shouldn’t have done


that’s in the past now, i do know that. but i’m in the past too

so far behind you

and i dont know if it would be better to catch up

struggle and struggle and TRY and maybe MAYBE catch up…


or just give up