Participant of National Novel Writing Month some 9 years running – and I’ve “won” once. Back in ’06.
That was the year that The Author started appearing in my authors notes.
In ’08 The entire Nano was about The Author, with brief snippets as attempts at story.

Now, Rather than journal entries, I do Authors Notes. It’s more fun that way – but mostly it is just my diary.
I didn’t write much last year. Last year was my “get off my arse” year.
I got back into studying, I got a job – supermarket demonstrator, YAY! (hear the thrill of sarcasm).

This year I still have school and the same job – as well as the now ever present hunt for a “proper” job.
But I will have less work demo’ing, at least this semester, due to school (and school is more important than anything else – lesson learned?)
So I kinda figured I could start writing more.
And having both a computer and the internet at home means maybe it would make sense to throw my authors notes up on the interweb.

Oh well, let’s give it a go and see how things work out.


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