That Yellow Car

Published February 17, 2012 by whattowritewhen

I’m parked so close to it that if I’m not careful when I back out, I’ll take out the back of her car.

And that’s the way I damn well wanna be.

She should learn how to park her car. It can go about two meters forward. Its a danger to drive past.



I feel like having a ham and cheese egg. Mmmm egg.


don’t tell me your successes

Published February 16, 2012 by whattowritewhen

i know, i know, it sounds kinda bitchy. but… just… don’t tell me your successes, don’t tell me please. it just makes me depressed. it just reminds me of how far behind you i am. and it gives me the feeling that i’ll never be able to catch up… that we’ll never be on equal footing again.

i feel like i’ve wasted my life


there’s so so much that i should have done sooner


so much stuff that i should have done better

so much stuff that i shouldn’t have done


that’s in the past now, i do know that. but i’m in the past too

so far behind you

and i dont know if it would be better to catch up

struggle and struggle and TRY and maybe MAYBE catch up…


or just give up

Just an Introduction

Published February 13, 2012 by whattowritewhen

Ok, so I guess that, before I start rambling away, I should explain a few things to those of you who don’t live inside my head.

Well, first off, yes I do write about myself in the third person. “The Author” was created as a way to count my authors notes in my Nano word count, and it just kinda stuck. The fun part is when I either write in first person about The Author, or when I start talking about  myself and The Author from the third person point of view… Yeah I can get a tad confusing,  and I’m the one doing the writing!

Okay, well that’s about all I can think of to write just now.

But I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be throwing some more words up on here – I mean, after all, The Author likes to do a lot of rambling in her semi creative process so why shouldn’t she write her crap on the internet where anyone can see it? It’s not like anyone could steal her story ideas cause most of her authors notes have nothing at all to do with her story, beyond constantly writing “I should be writing my story. Come on ideas. Write!~ Write!”

And The Author is going to be as anonymous as she can. Mostly because she doesn’t want people she knows to know some of what goes on in her head… Also, this way The Author has a place to write all those things she’s too scared to write on Facebook.

Now… off to find out if she can make her page pretty…